Top 5 Tips for Crushing Your First AP Interview


Now that you’ve passed the SLLA exam, you got a few more hurdles to get over. Getting your first interview and what to say in that interview, will determine whether  your in a classroom next school year or walking the halls as the “New Assistant Principal”.  Here are a few tips from my forthcoming E-Book, “How to get that First AP Job”.

  1. Before the interview, research the school, “datamine” trends, strengths and weaknesses. See how you can help solve some problems or add to their strengths.
  2. Once in the interview, be open and friendly, talk briefly about yourself, family, educational back ground. Usually you can make a connection, as educators have a strong and wide network.
  3. Be comfortable expressing your educational , instructional, discipline and parent involvement philosophies.  See if you can align it to the school’s.
  4. Be prepared to ask the Principal/Hiring committee questions about the school, like some challenges it’s faced in the past, and how you might help solve some of those issues.
  5. Finally, tell them why you are the best candidate for the job, and how you look forward to being apart of their leadership team.

I know this will be helpful as you begin your search. My new E-Book, “How to get that First AP Job” will have much more actionable items that will help you land that first Assistant Principal Job. It will be ready for download in 10 days. If you have not signed up already, please do so here