Test results are in…My first war room experience

We received our initial end of grade test results yesterday, and it sure was an eye opener! We had set an ambitious goal of 80% proficiency with 10% growth. Well let’s say we were a little below that, so students are allowed retakes if they are not at proficiency after the first test administration. We have a week to plan and implement remediation, then students who didn’t pass the first time take it again. These retakes count towards our overall proficiency and growth data. We analyzed the data from each class, looking at how close students were to passing. We looked at students who were within 10 or less percentage point from passing and grouped accordingly. The teachers chosen for remediation are our strongest educators. Numbers were crunched and we have a plan in place to achieve our goal, if we re mediate 70 students, 35 in reading 35 in math our goal is within reach. I will keep you posted and let you know our final results in two weeks.
peaceHigh Stakes Testing

4th Qtr Push…

Our last benchmark scores were encouraging, rumor has it our school is leading the district in proficiency! Our remediation plans are in place and we start today. 5 weeks left before testing, the race is on. Our goal is 80% or higher. We have regrouped students, issued double doses of curriculum where our students have shown weaknesses. Study Island, Accelerated Reader, Google docs and plain old fashion teaching with practice and repetition should do the trick. We have several observations to do to finish out the year, in addition to a core knowledge fair next month. Will keep you posted!