The New School Leader “Vortex” the SLLA Exam and a Quest for a Mentor.

new school leader, slla exam

I’m going to talk to you about how school leadership stretches you way out of your comfort zone and how you can get yourself put back together. A new school principal has many new things to learn. The culture of a school, district policies, Instructional leadership, school budgeting, just to name a few. All this can get your head on a swivel quickly and have you putting out one fire after the next. Soon you may find yourself spinning around and getting nothing accomplished.

This is what I call the New School Leader Vortex. A new school, a new position, new level of responsibility, ( Did I mention lonely?). This is intensified if you’re at a Title 1 school, have challenges with test scores and have low parent involvement. I found myself in this “Vortex” back in November of this year. I knew I had to reach out to someone who had done this before, and who had done it successfully! As a school leader, sometimes you can take on a superman/woman persona. Thinking you got this, “Im the Principal”, there’s nothing I cannot handle! Nothing could be further from the truth.

The SLLA Exam Practice helped me to prepare for some real-world scenarios. It also helped me frame my vision and my core beliefs, which I mention in