Goal Achieved! 1st Year Principalship, SLLA exam practice Paid Off

My last post, I spoke of 2012-13 school year being my leap year. This year 2013-14 I made the transition from Assistant Principal to Principal. With alot of hard work, prayer and staying abreast of current trends in school and instructional leadership has finally paid off. Read more here. Roxboro is in Person county,a small district about 30 miles from Durham,NC. It was a 3 year quest that was full of hard challenges,happy celebrations, difficult conversations and courageous decision-making. My last year as an assistant Principal was focused on high-level teaching & learning for students and teachers. Professional development and honest feedback helped solidified my my vision of school leadership. I also had some Principal preparation training that was very beneficial. Slla practice exam also helped. If you are just starting your journey to school leadership, I got good news for you. I’m gonna tell you how I did it in the hopes that you can get some take aways and make the leap yourself>
It’s a different view from the Principal’s desk! Stay tuned.

New Year, New Curriculum, New Goals

Starting my 3rd year as a Assistant Principal, I want this to be my leap year. I’ve had two solid years demonstrating, instructional leadership and increasing student achievement. We set and met a goal of 80% proficiency on state assessments. I continue to build and grow relationships with teachers, students, parents and community partners. The new common core curriculum is a win-win for students and teachers. I’m feeling more confident about leading in an era of Next Generation Assessments. Careful analysis of the data continues to drive instruction and make teaching and learning more relevant.