Best Heavy Duty Pencil Sharpener for Teachers, Classrooms, Schools and Offices

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The New School Leader Best Pencil Sharpener, produces a perfectly sharpened pencil. Known as a “Teacher’s Best Friend” this sharpener is an attractive, portable pencil sharpener with a sturdy, metal body and sharp rotary tool. Manual pencil sharpeners are the perfect addition to the classroom. The compact, quiet, durable design makes this the ideal sharpener for classroom and office settings. It comes with a clamp to lock down on a table or desk. This Sharpener helps with Classroom Management as it eliminates excuses and gets students back to work. The New School Leader’s tension springs automatically draw the pencil into the cutting chamber, producing a perfect point. manual pencil sharpeners deliver both performance and reliability.

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  • Perfect For Classroom Teachers, Sharpens Pencils to a Point Every Time, Sturdy Construction
  • Smooth Operation, Manual Sharpener, No Motor Burn Out
  • Eliminate Student Excuses about Dull and Broken Pencils
  • Helps with Classroom Management, Keeps Students on Task
  • Sharpens Pencils Quickly and Quietly, No Distracting Noises