Magna-Tiles, Magnetic Geo-Metric Shapes


  • -They help kids use their creativity.
  • -They help them understand geometric patterns, colors and shapes.
  • -They are high quality, reliable, durable toys.
  • -They are Easy to store because they click together
  • -They are really fun (even I have found myself playing with them)
  • So if your kids love to build things, or just need a little hands on learning toy, these are the perfect ones!

They use rare neodymium magnets – the strongest magnets in the world.  This is why Magformers are more expensive than a regular magnetic toy.  These magnets float freely in the plastic they’re encased in. The magnets can actually rotate so they always connect.  This is great because you never have the frustration of the magnets repelling each other.

If you’re looking for a terrific toy to buy for a child for Christmas or a birthday,  And if you’re a teacher or a carer thinking of splurging on a new special item for your classroom or daycare, I would highly recommend getting a set or two. They’ll provide countless hours of enjoyment and learning.