Powerful Instructional Leadership Tools

Instructional Leadership

Instructional Leadership

Use these powerful leadership tools to build teamwork and improve instruction!

Every school leader needs a toolbox of strategies for improving teaching and learning. This second edition examines the role of principals in leading instruction and provides practical tools for leaders to reflect on and improve their practice. Emphasizing the importance of empowering others and building effective teams, this resource offers


“Provides a solid base to understand the many hats that must be worn to provide for all facets of a school setting. I applaud Gupton’s focus on the learner. This is the most important tenet for a school administrator’s decision making. Each chapter describes a portion of school leadership that the successful principal needs to master.” (Sharon Madsen Redfern, Principal 2009-06-11)

“This is a text for curriculum leaders who prize learning in themselves and others. Sandra Gupton’s love of learning and ability to frame issues are evident in each chapter with the instructional toolbox metaphor graphically holding the reader’s attention each step of the way.” (Dale Brubaker, Professor of Education 2010-06-17)

“I really really liked the book. In fact, I am going to suggest this book to be read as a bookshare for the 52 principals in our district.” (Barbara Gerard, Secretary 2009-06-11)

“Highly Recommended. This is a book that administrators should read and keep on their bookshelf.” (Kathy Zachel 2011-10-13)