National School Principal Conference 2017

Come to Philadelphia next July 9–11 and turn theory into practice as you connect with great school Principals and educational leaders across all grade levels.

Unlike any conference before it, the National School Principals Conference will inspire school leaders like you to understand and value your peers’ expertise and worth.

This conference will give you an unprecedented opportunity to build transition bridges and fully prepare students for success in school as the Principal and beyond to college and careers.

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The Great American Principal Turnover — And How Districts Can Stop the Churn

As students start heading back to school this month, many newspapers are announcing changes in school leadership for the new year. These stories have titles like, “Lake Wobegon School Board Confirms Three New Principals for the 2016-17 School Year” and “Sweet Valley High Assistant Principal Ready to Take the Reigns as Principal.” A new principal in a school has become so commonplace, you may have skimmed over the story, especially if the change doesn’t affect your school.

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Best Manual Heavy Duty Pencil Sharpener for Classrooms, Office, Teachers and Schools


The New School Leader Best Pencil Sharpener, produces a perfectly sharpened pencil. Known as a “Teacher’s Best Friend” this sharpener is an attractive, portable pencil sharpener with a sturdy, metal body and sharp rotary tool. Manual pencil sharpeners are the perfect addition to the classroom. This is a Classroom Friendly Pencil Sharpener. The compact, quiet, durable design makes this the ideal sharpener for classroom and office settings. It comes with a clamp to lock down on a table or desk. This Sharpener helps with Classroom Management as it eliminates excuses and gets students back to work. The New School Leader’s tension springs automatically draw the pencil into the cutting chamber, producing a perfect point. manual pencil sharpeners deliver both performance and reliability. Our manual pencil sharpeners feature carbon steel sharpened blades and sturdy construction.The Sharpener will NOT over sharpen a pencil. Works on colored pencils for artist, art studios and Art Teachers. The cutting blade can be easily removed for cleaning or replacement. Order yours Now! Makes a Perfect gift for your Favorite Teacher, Classroom, School, Artist or Office.

Magna-Tiles, Magnetic Geo-Metric Shapes


  • -They help kids use their creativity.
  • -They help them understand geometric patterns, colors and shapes.
  • -They are high quality, reliable, durable toys.
  • -They are Easy to store because they click together
  • -They are really fun (even I have found myself playing with them)
  • So if your kids love to build things, or just need a little hands on learning toy, these are the perfect ones!

They use rare neodymium magnets – the strongest magnets in the world.  This is why Magformers are more expensive than a regular magnetic toy.  These magnets float freely in the plastic they’re encased in. The magnets can actually rotate so they always connect.  This is great because you never have the frustration of the magnets repelling each other.

If you’re looking for a terrific toy to buy for a child for Christmas or a birthday,  And if you’re a teacher or a carer thinking of splurging on a new special item for your classroom or daycare, I would highly recommend getting a set or two. They’ll provide countless hours of enjoyment and learning.

8 Tips for Dealing With Problem Students

8 Tips for Dealing With Problem Students


Over half of new teachers leave the field within the first 3 years. Why? Many cite the stress of dealing with disruptive and problem behavior in the classroom as the main reasons. If you feel frustrated with the behavior issues that you have to handle, take comfort in the fact that you are not alone–handling behavior issues comes with the job description.

Follow the strategies that I have included in this article, and you will have no problem managing your students’ behavior. Here is how to deal with even your most challenging students.

1. Keep rules simple and easy to follow. Choose no more than five or six of the most important rules. If students have too many rules, they will not remember any of them–and will not follow any of them!

A few other things to note:

Rules should be short.  The fewer words in each rule, the greater the chance that it will be remembered and followed.

Be positive. Set a positive tone in your classroom by avoiding negative words like no, not, and never.

 Allow the class to help you choose the most important rules. Students are more likely to remember the rules if they help create them. In addition, it will provide them with a sense of control and responsibility to follow the rules since they are the ones that came up with them.

Post them clearly and legibly. Students should be able to remind themselves what the rules are at any moment during the school day.

2. Create effective consequences. Make it a process. Start out with something that doesn’t affect them too much and make each consequence that follows a bit more severe. Remember that developing some way of keeping up with behavior and being consistent is a must.

Follow-through is also important, as is providing feedback. Make sure that students know why they are receiving a consequence and that they know how to avoid receiving future consequences. Finally, avoid punishing the whole class. It isn’t fair to those who do follow the rules. Read More

What Do You Want to Be to the Field of Education?

What Do You Want to Be to the Field of Education?


Hundreds of thousands of students enter college hoping to be teachers. Some are inspired by their own teachers who made it look easy and flawless, so they want to give back to the field that gave them so much. Others didn’t have a series of great experiences, so they want to be a beacon of hope for those students who do not feel engaged in school.
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